Our club operates in accordance with Little Athletics Australia (LAA) and Little Athletics QLD (LAQ) competition rules & guidelines in providing track & field events for athletes from U6 through to U17.

Our club firmly endorses both the LAA and LAQ ethos of “Be Your Best” and encourage all Club Committee Members, Patrons, Life Members, Parents, Supporters and Athletes alike to support this.

Little Athletics provides for modified competition rules for certain age groups all designed around age appropriateness and inclusiveness. Events covered by our weekly program include field events such as: Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump & High Jump. Our track program includes sprints, both middle & long distance events and walks.

Our program operates on a 4 week cycle where across that time each age group will experience each event at least once with some more times.

In accordance with Little Athletics guidelines all Tiny Tots events will not have any results recorded on any event held on a given day.

Development events for athletes up to our U10 age groups will be recorded from club competition days however will only be used for determining season improvements and not contribute towards awards.

Redlands Athletics is based at Cleveland District State High School and holds its weekly competition Saturday afternoons from 2:30pm concluding around 5:00pm. Our 2019/20 season will commence on Saturday 24th August 2019 and run through to 7th December 2019. Our return to competition after the Christmas / New Year break will be January 11th with our season concluding March 7th 2020.

Our return to competition on the 11th January and for the next four club days (18th January, 1st February and 15th February) will be twilight meets where we commence later than usual to avoid the heat of the day associated with our hot summer days. Competition is held under floodlight providing a wonderful variation for athletes, parents and supporters.

On each day of competition prior to starting we provide a brief introduction to that week’s competition advising of any important news on the day’s program plus other necessary information relating to upcoming major events, carnivals, rule changes, athlete celebrations or anything else considered important.

Please note, our program of events or the order of events may be amended as required from time to time depending on circumstances such as weather, age group numbers or other factors. The committee reserves the right to make these changes at its discretion but will endeavor to keep members as up to date as possible.

Each age group will have available 4 events (two track and two field) on the day with their participation strongly encouraged so they are given every opportunity to improve. Remember the athlete is competing not against other athletes in their age group but themselves. If an athlete does not wish to compete in an event that is fine, encourage don’t force them.

Our club has a comprehensive list of awards that athletes become eligible for. It is important to stress that not all awards are performance based. A full list of these and the various awards available to athletes please visit our awards tab or click here.

During the season we hold 5 Club Championship days with 3 prior to christmas and 2 in the new year.  On these days athletes will have a number of predetermined events advised to them where they will be competing against each other for championship points.  Over the 5 days all eligible events with the age groups will be covered to ensure a fair and equitable club championship is held. At the conclusion of the 5 days the sum of points earned by each athlete is tallied up to arrive at our seasons Club Champions who will receive their Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. It is important to note there does exist attendance and competition eligibility rules for this award, full details of Club Championships can be found by clicking here.