General Info

Code of Behaviour

All parents, carers, supporters, athletes and other siblings or related persons are required to abide by the clubs Code of Behaviours which can be found on the Resource page of our webpage.

Our Season

Our season runs for approximately 20-22 weeks commencing late August early September and concluding early to mid-March. Dates can and do change each season depending on when major LAQ and Regional events are scheduled. Our club breaks for the Christmas period before recommencing mid-January for a series of twilight meets to avoid the heat of the day during this time of the year.

Age Groups

As of the start of the 2018/19 season the age group an athlete will participate in is determined by their age as at 31stDecember (previously 30thSeptember).

Birth certificates are required to be sighted by any new member to our club. Athletes will not be permitted to complete until verification of age has been achieved.

Start Times

All parents and athletes are requested to arrive no later than 2:30pm each Saturday during our season in readiness for a 3pm competition start time. Twilight meets held during the month of January commence a little later with details provided through the clubs webpage, newsletter and Facebook page closer to the time.

Membership Costs

Prior to the commencement of each season the club’s Committee of Management will determine the membership fee for the upcoming season. These are updated on our webpage and Facebook page prior to the season’s commencement. Our aim is to balance the cost to members and provide a value for money sporting option for Redlands families whilst meeting the operational costs including equipment purchases and maintenance necessary for providing a safe environment for all.

All memberships are non-refundable.


Our club uses ResultsHQ to manage athlete registrations. This online portal also allows both parents and athletes to view season performances not only at our club but any other club that uses ResultsHQ to manage their registration or nominations process. Upon registering with our club you will be provided with a unique login to ResultsHQ that provides full access to these features.

Club Uniform & Spikes

All members are required to compete in the clubs uniform at all club meets and all Regional and State Carnivals. In addition, should you attend any other club carnivals you must wear the clubs uniform. Our club operates a uniform shop from our clubhouse where complete uniforms or pieces can be purchased.

Athletes who compete in U13’s or above are permitted to wear singlets (males) or crop tops (girls) when competing before putting their polo tops back on. All other age groups must wear polo shirts when competing.

Bike pants or tights are permitted to be worn under club shorts but they must be either black or red in colour and free from branding. Full length tights are also permitted but must comply with the above colour requirements.

The club does not operate a second hand or used uniform shop.

Trialists are not required to wear club uniform until such time as they take out full membership with the club.

Spikes are permitted for certain age groups only and dependant on the event type involved. Full details can be obtained through the club, our Yearbook or the LAQ webpage.


Included in your membership is coaching for all athletes U8 and above age groups. Training is provided all year round. Times and dates can vary. Current details will be available through our coaching page, our newsletter and facebook. Non-members can

Tiny Tots

Our club offers Tiny Tots for athletes already aged 3 and 4 at the start of the season. Our program commences 2 weeks after the start of the season and runs until the end of the first half of the season (approx 12 weeks).  Should a full time Tiny Tots Co-Ordinator become available we would consider extending this program post-Christmas.


This option provides parents and athletes with a low cost option to trial Little Athletics before committing. For a nominal amount of $20-00 athletes can compete over two successive club meets before making a decision to take up a membership and continue with Little Athletics or not. Should a full membership be taken out, the trialist fee is deducted from any amount payable.

The trialist fee is non-refundable.

The requirement to purchase a club uniform is not required unless a full membership is taken out.


Included with your registration is the clubs current yearbook which provides more information on the club, its history, committee, club records, title holders and award winners from the previous season. It is a valuable resource tool for both returning and new members.


In addition to club meets, members have available to them a range of other competitions during the year. There are two Regional carnivals (Relays & Championships) and two State Carnivals (Relays & Championships) in addition to the many club carnivals on offer. Depending on the event determines the nomination process and cost which can be found out by visiting the LAQ website and visiting their calendar page.