Becoming an accredited official is an easy process and a rewarding one to the individual.

We ask all parents to consider gaining their Level 1 accreditation which allows them to officiate at club level. There is no expectation to officiate at higher level competition (Regionals or States) as that remains entirely your decision.

You are also not required to become proficient in all events your child participates in straight away, a progressive approach is fine.

The benefits of gaining your Level 1 to the athlete, yourself and the club include:

To the athlete:

  • The correct application of rules by officials
  • Consistency around event management
  • Ability to break Club Records increased
  • An education in rules takes place

To the Parent:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Sense of contribution back to the club
  • Role model for other parents
  • Accuracy of how events are managed

To the club

  • Increased flexibility for our programs
  • Club Championships – record breaking opportunities increased
  • A deeper engagement & support of parents
  • Increased level of accuracy and consistency around events and results

All LAQ officials gain their accreditation under the “Australian Athletics Officials Education Scheme (AAOES)”which supports a combination of learning and testing options depending on the level being sought.

To achieve your Level 1 an online learning and multiple choice assessment is all that is required. A certificate of achievement will be emailed to you as confirmation. Please provide this to the club so we can ensure our records are up to date.

Your continued application of these skills at club level will further develop your knowledge and understanding.

Further information can be found by visiting the Little Athletics QLD website using the below link or by asking one of our club committee members.