Weekly Training Sessions

Twice weekly training sessions

Included with your membership is our weekly training sessions. These are not compulsory to attend and are at the sole discretion of athletes and parents on whether you attend or not.

Those athletes from other clubs or casual athletes are able to attend our training sessions at a small charge of $5.00 per athlete per session.

Suitable sports wear, hat, water bottle and shoes are compulsory items.

Summer training is held at Cleveland District State High School which is the same place we hold our weekly club competition.

Held on Monday & Wednesday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00pm they provide a wonderful opportunity to further develop and advance your skills and techniques.

To ensure inclusiveness of all members training is open to all athletes from U6 to U17, including our QA registered athletes however we do advise athletes from U6 to U9 must have a parent in attendance at all times. The age group of athletes will determine what training is offered. Our younger age groups will not be subjected to the same level of training both in events and physical exertion as our more senior athletes.

All parents must be present to collect their children at 6:00pm, no child shall be allowed to leave without an adult and no child shall be left alone at the end. We ask for your cooperation to avoid our coaches having to remain behind any longer than required. Repeat incidents may result in an athlete not being permitted to attend training.

We don’t run a schedule of “whats on at training” each week simply because we rely on our volunteer coaches being present and we understand that for varying reasons they may not be able to attend. We ask for your support in this matter.

The following summer season training date blocks will apply for the 2019/20 season:

August 26th to September 18th (Monday & Wednesday only during each week).

October 9th to December 11th (Monday & Wednesday only during each week).

January 13th to March 11th (Monday & Wednesday only during each week).

Our Winter training blocks will not be determined until after the summer season.

Training is conducted by suitably qualified coaches each holding the necessary accreditation as required under the  Australian Athletics Coach Accreditation Framework  or working towards this.